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(a land of weirdness)

my deskOver on my desk is my textual introduction page. And to the right is part II of my introduction.ORA YIN YANG
TAE KWON DOAnd through the Hangul Banner is my useful Tae Kwon Do Page.
MARTIAL ARTSEnter these Chinese Characters and you will find out about Japanese Martial Arts in bite-size chunks.
Action Figure of Commander SiscoBlast off into the Stars to my Deep Space 9 page with Captain Sisco.
Yoda, Jedi-masterGo to Yoda, Jedi-master, (varying from computer to computer) to visit my Camera's picture gallery. But beware, it takes time to download!
POEMSCome see my tanka page undergoing revisions for clarity and beauty.
Me going a technique from Dragon Ball ZMy Manga and CD page, lots of Rumic Stuff.
Cherry BlossomsWander under the cherry blossoms to find my friends.
KCJS sloganInformation on studying Japanese in Cornell with study abroad information that is useful to all students of all colleges.
ClericMy Java Game (a result of playing too much Ultima III)
Face IconAnd to close, every page should have a credits page to say where they got their stuff from and how it all started.

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