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Purpose:By using the opponent's power (through passiveness, and stuning by striking at a vital point) become able to control the opponent.
After that one can throw the opponent.
Hands/feet:Uses hands a lot.
Weapons: Hand, stick...
Forbidden:Punches and Kicks.
Others:Movement is important.
Aikido Link 1 (
Aikido Link 2 ( Ki-Aikido Club

Tae Kwon Do

Purpose:It requires the use of hands and feet without weapons. The main goal of Tae Kwon Do is to achieve total mind and body control.
Hands/feet:Both hands and feet.
Forbidden:Throws and sweeps.
Others:From Korea.
MIT Tae Kwon Do Club
( Johns Hopkins University Tae Kwon Do Club
Tae Kwon Do Hyoun Resource
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Purpose:Originally meant for war but this varies from school to school tremendously.
Hands/feet:Both hands and feet.
Weapons:It depends on the school.
Forbidden: It depends on the school.
Others: It depends on the school.
Karate Link 1 (BROKEN) (
Karate Link 2 ( Japan and Okinawan Karate


Purpose:To become perfect.In order to topple the opponent without using your own strength, use the opponents strengrth against him.
Hands/feet:Uses hands and feet and the whole body and uses throws.
Forbidden:There are many rules.
Others:A partner is necessary. It is a sport. Chokes and throws are important.
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Purpose:To become a better person.
Hands/feet:Holding a sword in the hand.
Weapons:Sword (usually wood)
Forbidden:I don't know.
Others:Its a sport
Kendo Link (, The Way of the Sword by Akihito Abe

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